Salvador & Amanda Bloomsbury London - Cocktail Bar Review

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By Naomi Lumsdaine.

Just a short walk from Holborn station and nestled in the hub of Bloomsbury’s bar scene lies Salvador & Amanda, a contemporary and sophisticated DJ bar and tapas restaurant. Having heard some good things, I decided to check it out…

The Venue

Salvador and Amanda Bloomsbury is set across two large floors with plenty of space for eating, drinking and dancing, so you are not left squeezing past strangers all night trying to reach the bar. The walls pay tribute to Salvador Dali and his famous muse, Amanda Leah; with many pictures and prints of his art work on show. ‘Surreal and eccentrically decadent, with a Spanish twist’ is the best way to describe the overall ambience and character, thus capturing the true nature of Dali’s personality.

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With comfy seating, Salvador & Amanda is a great place to sip cocktails and chat with friends.

The Food and Drink

Entering the smartly laid-out restaurant area, equipped with cocktail bar, I was presented with an impressive menu. Think authentic tapas, meets fusion food. Our waiter was quick to advise us on the top dishes, a nice touch. Plate after plate came out promptly, but timed perfectly so there was a journey to our eating experience that never left us waiting. I was particularly impressed with a dish called ‘The Smoking Duck’. The smoke that was used in the smoker is elaborately swept off the plate as it’s served; this tickles your sense of smell to show a touch of gastronomic flair, plus it was of course delicious. The black rice (cooked with squid ink) was really different and the deep-fried chorizo with aioli were the other dishes that stood out the most. We then sampled their cocktail menu.

Well balanced in selection and execution, the cocktails at Salvador & Amanda bring another element to the bar because they supersede expectation. They apply a simplistic yet perfectionist attitude to their cocktails, with twists on classics. I really enjoyed their fruity and flavourful Mango and Rosemary Mojito, a true highlight of the evening.

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With top tapas and tasty drinks, Salvador & Amanda is one of London's top cocktail bars.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Once the plates had been whisked away and the conversation had been had, we couldn’t help but get up and join the growing number of people on the dance floor! Expect some classic house tunes mixed with more recent commercial and Latino sounds. Once thing I must highlight here is the service. Not only do the staff bend over backwards to accommodate your needs, but also enjoy every moment, which is clear from their smiles and participation in the true ‘fiesta’ atmosphere.

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Salvador & Amanda Bloomsbury is completely successful in presentation and execution, doing fiesta food and cocktails very well indeed. I had a really lovely time and can confidently say I will be a certified regular at this cool joint from now on.