Number 90 London - DJ Bar Review

Having relaunched very recently; it seemed like a good idea to head down to Hackney Wick to check out East London party den Number 90, and see what all the fuss was about.

The Venue

Just a stone's throw away from Hackney Wick Station, it's a multi-level establishment sitting on the bank of the canal. Number 90 takes advantage of the latter, with canal-side seating making it a really unique spot. The interior is inundated with quirky decorations, from animal heads, surrealist paintings, low-hanging lighting and other mismatched items, which gave it that trendy vibe. The first floor is where the action happens while upstairs is reserved for exhibitions showcasing an eclectic range of artists. 

A really ideal spot alongside the canal, which distinguishes from many local venues. 

The Atmosphere and Clientele

Number 90 is quite an assault on the senses, but in a good way. With live music, exhibitions and a lively atmosphere it is quite demanding, yet this doesn't stop you taking everything in and really appreciating the finer details of the venue. There's always something happening; I spotted a fellow in the process of painting a rather large mural just above the bar, that kept me occupied whilst I queued for a drink. A varied crowd of all ages was present, yet what united them was their hip credentials, which most were definitely showing off.

Crowds of all ages were present, so you don't have to be a cool kid to show up.  

The Music

Stepping through the doors, the first thing I noticed was the music, which was most definitely a good thing. The resident DJ played a set that was mainly comprised of Techno and House, which kept the crowd really buzzing until late into the evening. Whilst there was no real dance floor to speak of, it gave the place a fairly electrified feel that seemed compulsory on a Friday night. 

A varied and inviting DJ set kept the crowd going. 


Overall, I had a very good time at Number 90; and whilst it was a bit packed, this was to be expected on an opening weekend. Their Sunday Sessions also look really appealing, a relaxed affair with live Jazz bands that will certainly reveal a different side to this very versatile venue.