The Tommy Tucker Fancy some Tommy Tucker me ol' mucker? Claude's Kitchen broach new foodie-fling in Fulham
22 Waterford Road, London, SW6 2DR
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

Three people walk into a pub, Claude Compton, Jim Morris and George McCab. What happens next? The Tommy Tucker does. Suitably named after the cockney slang for (no, not that you cheeky blighter) supper, The Tommy Tucker is the latest venture from those grub nuzzling noggins behind Claude's Kitchen. With dishes such as buttermilk rabbit bites, salt baked celeriac, and smoked beef short-rib swelling up the menu with seasonal and rustic classics, The Tommy Tucker boasts a drinks menu where home-infused bourbons and experimental tastes take pride of place.

What we say:

London's affinity with pretty plates doesn't look to be quelled at any point soon. As gastropubs excel in the foodie market, those masterminds behind Claude's Kitchen carve into an upcoming niche, with a destination that they hope will be a place that people 'would choose to call their local'; and there's no doubt that those round, framed plates of food can deliver. There's a charming and seasonal vulnerability to to The Tommy Tucker that has me wanting to up sticks to Fulham, just so I can call it mine.