New Bar Spy - The Cocktail Club Goodge Street

Creative Fitzrovia Cocktail Bar

The Cocktail Club Goodge Street


Now Open

This is first and foremost a creative British cocktail bar & kitchen where guests experience an array of liquid delights in a fun and certainly unpretentious environment by some of the cities finest bartenders. Food creativity comes in the form of the amusingly kitsch canapé menu that involves everything from ham hocks & potted shrimp to pop corn & Mr Whippy. 

Drinks will consist of four categories, London Contemporary€™s, London Classics, Gin Classics & Gastro Mixology. The first three speak for themselves with a fun fusion on classics that we all know and love. The Gastro section however is only just emerging in the drinks scene with concoctions such as The Bacon & Egg Martini (below), The Squid Ink Margarita, and The Oyster bomb!