New Bar Spy - Shaker&Company

Crafted Cocktail Bar Euston



Venue Closed

What they say:

Shaker & Company is all about the craft of drinksmanship refined. It's the first bar from the team behind the finest bartenders and special event drinks. This New Orleans inspired bar has bourbon street fans, crystal decanter chandeliers and an intimate Benedictine Monastery feature in the basement. Shaker & Company, the bar, is the fourth enterprise from the team which created the successful Shaker BarSchools in London, Birmingham, Capetown and Johanessburg.


What we say:

Shaker & Company is a cocktail lovers dream and follows closely to the current new cocktail bar formula in London. Euston has been needing a venue like this for a long time as there appears to be a complete lack of bars for an after work drink and to sample delicious cocktails in a relaxed environment. Shaker  and Company is bringing a very fine slice of the deep south Americana, some heart and soul serving up New Orleans inspired cocktails and drinks created by some of the world's top mixologists. It is all mood lighting with light bulbs hanging from the bar, barrells to hold your drinks and a secret basement bar that is currently hosting a Monstry vibe. With tasty soul food on offer, the hush puppies (cheese,sweetcorn and ale fritters) and the Crab balls with mardi gras salsa! With regular live music promised to soundtrack this cool new bar in London, there seems every reason to have a night out at Shaker and Company.