New Bar Spy - Ambar at Odeon IMAX Swiss Cottage

Glamorous Late-Night Bar

Ambar at Odeon IMAX Swiss Cottage


Now Open

What they say:

A new destination bar with a late night licence has opened in Swiss Cottage. The radically transformed Ambar is plush, spacious and spans the full front of the ODEON, revealing some of the building€™s beautiful and original Art Deco features dating back to the 1920's. Contemporary touches of deco glamour and bespoke seating create the sense of a stylish liner lounge. Premium cocktails, tempting bar food and convivial ambience are set to make it a vibrant new haven where you can linger late into the night. Catch up on the latest Oscar and BAFTA chat over cocktails, celebrate lavishly with a flute of Dom Perignon. Future wine tastings, stylish cocktail and vintage nights, live music sessions and film-inspired entertainment also aim to make it a buzzy new neighbourhood landmark.

What we say:

Ambar the Odeon Cinema bar will be bringing something fresh and new to the Swiss Cottage nightlife scene... Blending a trip to the cinema with a night out at a top cocktail bar. Ambar has a touch of history and glamour to it, with this bar remaining hidden and disused since the 1920's. From the interior to the drinks list, visitors to Ambar will be treated to the best of the best and should expect some top notch food to round it off!