Coin Laundry Bygone bistro wreaks retro through Exmouth Market
70 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4QP
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What they say:

A kitsch affair in the heart of Exmouth Market with beloved decor trends and their own vintage 80s pinball machine, Coin Laundry is a hungry homage to kitsch cool of the seventies. A restaurant bar with kievs to its name, Coin Laundry pay tribute to this humbled favourite with their own Kiev Counter, a selection host to foraged ingredients and secret crumb blend. But that's not all, as retro cocktails the likes of the Grasshopper and the Snowball show Coin Laundry's inherent ability to run rampant with contemporary creations and cocktail mixes.

What we say:

Following the UK's urban eighties influence, we're now seeing the vibrant-vintage 1970s era slowly creeping back into the culture of today, noticeably most recently by the dreaded comeback of the flare. In this way, it was only a matter of time before trendsetting team behind Coin Laundry carried the wave of old-school gastronomy and liquid pleasures to our plates. Unleash your inner bohemian and be enchanted by this dazzling dive bar.