Translate Bar Shoreditch - DJ Bar Review

Found on the ever popular Kingsland Road in Shoreditch, Translate Bar is a cool and modern DJ and cocktail bar that serves a truly discerning clientele. Whether you head down for a few drinks after work, or for a full on night of mayhem, you’re sure to be impressed.

The Venue:

Upon entry, you’re greeted to an industrial looking blend of exposed brick walls and pillars, vintage wooden chairs and tables, and metallic light shades; Translate Bar has a quite canteen kind of feel to it, but one that is thoroughly modern. By no means though, is this not a warm space; rather, the venue offers a plethora of inviting places to rest and an impressive alcohol cabinet. Working hard to make you feel more than welcome, Translate boasts a range of amazing and very strong cocktails, with the “El Diablo” a definite must. Considerable effort has also been put into the artwork surrounding the venue, with graffiti-like drawings scattered around the place.

Translate Bar Shoreditch Review

Sitting pretty on the Shoreditch end of Kingsland Road, Translate Bar is well located for fun. 

The Atmosphere & Clientele:

The atmosphere really depends on what time you decide to visit: Translate Bar offers a calm and relaxed experience during the day, but as the sun sets, partygoers begin to migrate from all directions. Their generous happy hour will inevitably result in more than 'just one', transforming an innocent post-work drink into an unexpected night out. 

Translate Bar Shoreditch Review

Always buzzing, Translate Bar pulls in a cool crowd of pleasure seekers throughout the week. 

The Music:

Translate Bar play every kind of music, hosting themed nights throughout the week. Every Monday is Open Mic Night, a sure fire way to catch some of the best local talent around, whilst Wednesdays are reserved for their “Gansta Paradise” evening, a night to showcase the very best in old school hip hop tunes. Translate Bar DJs are sure to please all who come through the doors; these guys really know how to get the party going over the weekend.Translate Bar Shoreditch Review

DJs play an eclectic mix of tracks, contributing to the ever varied clientele. 


What makes Translate Bar great is their consistent ability to provide first class service in a cool and friendly setting. Whatever you’re in the mood for, these guys will undoubtedly provide, having you back time and time again.