Honky Tonk Chelsea London - Restaurant Bar Review

Published . By Kiran Khattra.

This venue has now closed.

If your hearty appetite is craving a slice of authentic Americana dining and drinking, Honky Tonk Chelsea is the place to satisfy your needs – and your stomach.

The Venue:

Tucked away along Hollywood Road at the very heart of Chelsea, there lies a wonderfully quaint American eatery. As you enter you have the choice to stay in the bar area and enjoy a few bevvies, or dive straight into the restaurant and prepare to feast. Their interior certainly reflects the "American Flavour, British Behaviour" banner under which Honky Tonk operate: with exposed brickwork, dangling lights and the ever important HT rules plastered upon the walls, it soon becomes clear that this Chelsea bar and restaurant boasts a true USA vibe.

Honky Tonk Chelsea Review London

Honky Tonk Chelsea delivers a true slice of American living. 

The Atmosphere & Clientele:

For a Thursday night, Honky Tonk had a large scattering of after-work drinkers enjoying the Happy Hour and several groups nestled in the restaurant booths. With a buzzing yet cool atmosphere, it was easy to see that Honky Tonk Chelsea is a popular spot in the evening and favourite amongst the locals.

Honky Tonk Chelsea Review

The cocktail offering at Honky Tonk Chelsea is second to none. 

The Food & Drinks:

Now where to start? First things first, if you love your meat then Honky Tonk is something of a heaven on earth - dishing up ribs, wings, hot-dogs and burgers, you are seriously spoilt for choice. Before I lose myself in all this deliciousness, it’s worth mentioning that they have vegetarian options and salads available, if you’re looking for a meat free meal or something light.

We scanned the menu for at least ten minutes, eventually deciding upon the Pulled Pork Sandwich smothered in their special BBQ sauce and the Love Me Tender Beef Ribs, both accompanied with coleslaw and rosemary fries. To wash down our hearty American dishes, we enjoyed the Over Proof Zombie cocktail (a triple rum helping bursting with Caribbean flavours) and a Captain Stormy (ginger beer, lime, bitters and rum). Each cocktail complimented our meal perfectly and the food was outstanding – and that’s not just the rum talking!

Honky Tonk Chelsea London Review

What's this? Only the best damn pulled pork burger I've ever gone and eaten. 


Providing an irresistible package of authentic American dining, drinking, live entertainment and the best pulled pork I’ve ever had, Honky Tonk Chelsea is definitely a West London treasure. With a delivery service as an added bonus for customers living in Chelsea and Fulham, locals can enjoy the Honky Tonk delights in the comfort of their own home, lucky buggers! In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger - I’ll be back!