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New Deptford bar serves more than 100 types of gin

Gin & Beer

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What they say:

Founded by a husband and wife team, Gin & Beer is transforming one of Deptford's railway arches into a cool neighbourhood hangout. The bar does what it says on the tin and serves more than 100 types of gin, including London brands Butlers and Little Bird. Beer is Belgian focused with brews from Trappist breweries such as Orval and Rochefort and a few modern selections such as De La Senne and Brussels Beer Project. 

What we say:

Two words that are music to our ears have to be 'gin' and 'beer', which is lucky for us as Gin & Beer in Deptford is full of both tipples. The low-key bar not only serves up a mammoth selection of G&Ts, it also has a cracking selection of affordable cocktails, including the likes of martinis and negronis. The bar itself is stripped back and simple, with a few wooden tables, stools and exposed brick; looks likes date-night in south London is sorted.