No 32 The Old Town Clapham - London Restaurant Review

Published . By Katie Kirwan.

When I moved to Clapham, little did I know that i'd never struggle over breakfast ever again. Not only is this Southern spot a haven for breakfast bites, none of them are ever that quiet, including No 32 The Old Town. Managing to snag a table in their Old Town venue, we pretty much learnt why Clapham is the breakfast capital of the city.

The Venue

No 32 The Old Town's interiors are magazine-plush, and they definitely lend themselves as a round of applause to designers Box 9 Design LTD. Not only is the restaurant a New England inspired haven of muted tones, checkered tiling and botany specks, No 32 The Old Town is so much bigger than most likely expect for a corner restaurant plot. Split between three main distinct spaces including a second floor terrace overlooking the common and an island bar surrounded by rustic dining tables and lipstick-red booths, there's something modish and cool about No 32 The Old Town that no likely gives almost everything something to Instagram about. I didn't have any data, but if I could've then I definitely would've. 

no 32 breakfast review clapham brunch

New England vibes at No 32 really tie the venue together nicely. 

The Food and Drink

11:30 in the morning at No 32 The Old Town? You're bound emphatically by the brunch menu, and with good reason, they're heralded for it and it only differs slightly from their breakfast menu which finished all of 15 minutes before. While the menu isn't all fry up in your face, it definitely serves the seasonal brunch lovers. Ordering both the Eggs Royal (double, £11.95) with smoked salmon, avocado and homemade hollandaise alongside the field mushrooms with ricotta, truffle balsamic and parmesan on toasted sourdough, No 32's presentation in no way differs to their stunning food photography. While the mushroom serving was a piquant and rich dish that smacked welcoming with the tart ricotta and really filled for its humble £8.50 price, the Eggs Royal didn't land to full effect. While perfectly poached eggs sat atop sourdough, the avocado was hard, and the sauce was markedly cold. So many elements of the dish added together perfectly including the overtly fresh salmon, it's just last minute stretches that let the plate down. 

Brunch at No 32 isn't all about the eggs however, after sharing a bottle of prosecco, we tidied the meal up with two of their hardy cocktails. Flitting between the house classics menu, we decided to try a pineapple and sage mojito (£9.50) set alongside a passionfriuit capirinha (£9.75) with abelha cachaca. If I had any advice for No 32 The Old Town, it wouldn't be to holler about their cocktails more. Not only cutesy and creative in cut-tumblers, the passionfruit was a lovingly tart ingredient to set alongside the cachaca, while the pineapple mojito was a fun spin on the classic that loaded up on just the right amount of sage. 

no 32 brunch clapham review

No 32 is most notably known for their brunch options and Saturday morning bites.

The Atmosphere

The hearty rumble of restaurant manager Victor is well worth heading to No 32 The Old Town for alone. Not only an endearing character that refused to let us drink anything other than prosecco for breakfast, he's a manager that insists on keeping his feet firmly on the ground when overseeing the space. When it came to the general atmosphere at No 32 The Old Town, it's clear that Clapham can't resist it's breakfast call with every table practically full. Not only was No 32 The Old Town clearly a meeting space for family, baby boomers and hungover pals combined, people are willing to wait at the bar to simply snag a table, which i'm sure stands the restaurant in good local stead.

no 32 clapham review brunch

The terrace at No 32 is a gem in the heart of Clapham.


While No 32 The Old Town let themselves down in a few minute, obvious places, these were really only minor slip ups on the hospitality scale, and ones that can definitely be ignored when it came to their pure grit and determination to keep up well watered and fed. Definitely one of the most popular places to brunch in Clapham, No 32 The Old Town isn't just pretty, they really can churn out plates and prosecco that clearly keep South London going back for more.