Gigalum London - DJ Bar Review

A buzzing little spot in South London, Gigalum is proclaimed as one of the top DJ bars in the city. Wander down from Clapham South tube station and find yourself in a venue that has welcomed the likes of Basement Jaxx, Krafty Kuts and Judge Jules to its speakers; this one comes with quite the party pedigree. I gathered my mates and headed down on a Friday night for a 'good, sweaty stomp'.

The Venue:

As we arrived, we laid eyes on the garden terrace area at the front of the venue: the space offered a charming area to relax during the day and enjoy a cocktail before the onset of nighttime activity. We could hear the music and chatter of the revellers as we entered the bar area; the dance floor was full of party patrons, getting down to a soundtrack of deep house tunes, courtesy of artists Liam D, Ash Paine, David Penn and Nick Hudson. 

Gigalum Clapham review London

The outdoor terrace is the ideal spot for an afternoon of cocktails and people watching.

The Atmosphere & Clientele:

Party mad, dolled up twenty-somethings make up the majority of the clientele, as girlie nights out and groups of guys mix together to create a raucous and totally happening crowd. Gigalum has more of a house party vibe than that of a bar: at one point, the whole crowd even parted to create a spontaneous limbo contest!

Gigalum Clapham Review London

A fun time party bar if ever there was one.

The Drinks:

The bar was well stocked, offering a great selection of classic cocktails and an entire menu of Mojitos (try the Mango and Chilli if you dare!). Start the party with some of their wicked shots - the GigaBomb with Drambuie, Absolute Raspberry Grenadine and Redbull being a particular favourite - before heading onto some tasty draught or bottled beer. The bar also stocks some excellent high shelf spirits, so if, like me, you believe that the party only gets started with a round of tequila, then you have a choice of some of the best names around.

Gigalum Clapham Review London

Gigalum draws in a good looking crowd of South London party patrons.


Gigalum is one of those bars where time seems to fly by: one moment you’re dancing away to a pounding beat, then suddenly the lights have turned on and it's closing time. Gigalum doesn’t pretend to be a high-class nightclub or boast any air of superiority; it's simply an awesome party bar. One of the best DJ bars in South London? I would have to absolutely agree.