Be At One Clapham London - Cocktail Bar Review

Vibrant, chic, modern - all fitting descriptions of Be At One Clapham. One of the few bars chains to retain a level of authenticity and charm, the Be At One Clapham branch is among their best. Champion cocktail makers continue to ensure their bars remain a unique and special place for any discerning drinker.

The Venue:

With its candles, mood lighting and ceiling fans, Be At One boasts an air of Cuban glamour. This is certainly a classy establishment, without the pomp or pretension of many other cocktail bars; a fairly small affair, the venue extends to host various bar stools and tables to suit the less active of clientele. Found opposite Clapham Common station, Be At One Clapham stands as a nondescript building, a trait which significantly contrasts the bright and fun-filled interior.

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Be At One Clapham promises a fun time party atmosphere throughout the week. 

The Atmosphere & Clientele:

Be At One Clapham attracts a truly diverse clientele, from those finishing work to those beginning the night. The relatively high price of cocktails mean that students are a rarity, however a number of young professionals soon arrive to take advantage of their generous happy hour offers. Be At One is a lively venue, enhanced by the music played, with a joyous and celebratory crowd keeping the flames of festivity alight. The mood lighting came on not long before I left, suggesting a more club night ambience, as those who’d been there a few hours began to loosen up and embrace the music more emphatically.

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The ever so talented bar staff promise good chat and exquisite technique. 

The Drinks & Music:

If Be At One know one thing, it’s how to make a fine cocktail. There are plenty to choose from and quality is always assured, thanks to the dedicated and skilled staff behind the bar (the Johnny Cash is an absolute must).

The music is unashamedly retro, with a range of disco and funk hits on circulation to keep everyone’s spirits up. This changed however, half way through the night, when a range of indie classics came on, which inevitably altered the mood slightly. Be At One definitely aims to surpass its image as just a cocktail bar with its music policy, becoming a venue where you not only enjoy the drinks but the music as well.

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If there is one thing you can be sure of at Be At One, it's an impressive cocktail offering. 


If you’ve ever been to a Be At One, you know you're heading to a cool, fun party spot that always delivers pristine cocktails. Be At One Clapham is no different, maintaining the high standard the chain set about with in the first place. A paradise for cocktail lovers, it’s hard to not be impressed every time you walk in.