Steam & Rye City of London - London Bar Review

Steam and Rye has now closed.

Friends and food: perhaps the two greatest gifts America gave to the UK. Serving up the best of from our pals over the pond is Steam & Rye - a recent venture from Mahiki owner Nick House, resurrecting 1940’s America to deliver delicious US dishes without the “diner”.

The Venue

Deep in the City is where old Hollywood glamour and good food collide in the form of high-end American eatery Steam & Rye. A red carpet entryway ensures that all visitors feel like a VIP, as they enter through double doors into a different era. The interior design is almost as important as what’s on the menu. Based in an old banking hall, the architecture amazes and giant flags draped dramatically from impossibly high ceilings guarantee that you’ll see stars (and stripes). The huge mahogany bar is modelled on an icon in American design: Grand Central Station. Looking across both drinkers and diners is a small stage that welcomes a regular crooner to schmooze patrons with swing classics - they’re known to serenade at tables, so avoid eye contact if you blush easily.

Faded Hollywood glamour meets Grand Central Station at this eclectic, high-end haunt.

The Food and Drink

The menu at Steam & Rye acknowledges what America does best: meat. Fans of eating with their hands are at home with a decent choice of burgers, of which the Dirty Chilli Burger delivers on all fronts - just make sure you’ve got a long cocktail from their extensive list to hand, to quell the heat of the jalepenos. There are a meaty choice of steaks, with 4 cuts on offer. Expect to pay the same as you would at The Hawksmoor - perhaps a tad pricey against the place widely considered the best steak in London, but at Steam & Rye you’re also buying an experience, not just beef. Add something extra to your American-inspired main with classic sides from across the Atlantic, including cornbread and creamy mac & cheese. If you haven’t got room for dessert but don’t want to leave just yet, choose a cocktail instead of ice cream. The Old Fashioned is as classic as the decor, and is the perfect way to round off your evening in old America.

Hearty Chilli Burgers and juicy cuts of steak come rounded off by classic Old-America cocktails at Steam & Rye.

The Atmosphere and Clientéle

Think if The Great Gatsby was set in the city, instead of NYC: you find it at Steam & Rye. The place oozes American cool without the cowboy cliché, and promises a rip roaring time - whether you hitch up your trousers to ride their mechanical heifer on Bull Market Tuesdays, or revel in Off The Rails Thursdays with half price cocktails and a house band. Because of its location, the spot attracts a certain City clientele, so make sure your dress sense is as sharp as your swing moves. For those wanting something a little on the wild side, visit on a Wednesday when fun-loving gals from all over Greater London flock for Ladies Night. The setting is much more "party" than "private", so is probably best suited to a fun night with friends rather than a romantic date.

Take a walk on the wild side at this party-centric City destination.


Good show old sport - Steam & Rye gives us the authentic all American experience that the City has been missing. From the flapper girls to delicious food with fun every evening, guys and dolls are guaranteed a good time. So grab your pocket watch and experience old USA glamour as never before.