Mint Leaf Lounge is just around the corner from the historic Bank of England.  Specialising in South Asian cuisine, this upscale restaurant is helmed by head chef Rajinder Pandey and has a creative range of food and drinks. Everything about this place has a sparkling quality to it. Diners will also be pleasantly surprised to find themselves surrounded by minimalist stone and metal sculptures which - fortunately enough - are all available for purchase.

The Venue

Imagine the inside of a five-star hotel. Dazzling lights, attentive staff, a bar and appetizers that make you forget about the main course - well, that's Mint Leaf Lounge. It's the kind of place a party of curators and artists might go to after a gallery showing. As I mentioned before, the restaurant also displays works by talented artists. We sat beside "Sorrow" a bronze statue of a humanoid figure in the fetal position. I'm sure some could spend hours analysing the The Mint Leaf Lounge's art, but for me they all simply validated the high-mindedness of the executives behind the interior design.

The cutting-edge design set the tone for what was to follow.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

The music appropriately wavers between contemporary pop hits and downtempo house, which definitely keeps energy levels up while still providing enough intimacy for romantic dates or business meetings. Crowds aren't a thing to worry about either, there's certainly enough space to fit a lot of customers but it also seemed like the Lounge is one of the City's best kept secrets.

Refined and elegant, there's plenty of scope for stopping by on date night here.

The Food and Drinks

Naturally I began the night with the 'Wise Old Sage', a rum-based cocktail with grapefruit and orange bitters. My partner went for the 'Porn Star Martini' (it tastes as good as it sounds). For the main I had the 'Murgh Tikka Makhani', an exquisite plate of buttery chicken cooked in tomato and fenugreek sauce. Food lovers take note: the mains will fill you up! You might not have room for dessert, but believe me you'll want to try. Also, prepare yourself for all different types of spices. Everything is generally spicy, but it's the good kind. You'll end up with a curry addiction instead of a stinging tongue.

You'll encounter a spectacular array of concoctions at Mint Leaf Lounge.


Cool, refined and artistic; the Mint Leaf Lounge verges on the thin brink of flawlessness. Usually, what you put in is what you get, but here you get a little more; some culture, some cuisine, a wonderful staff team, and a spectacular array of artworks.