Juno Rooms Is More Than Just An After-Work Drinking Den

Published . By Georgia Evans.

Sprawled across two floors opposite Mansion House, Juno Rooms is a City bar and restaurant that seems to have become a hub for young professionals grabbing after-work drinks... but we wanted to see what else it could do. With a special menu of House of Suntory's Japanese delicacies at the bar, it was pretty hard to turn down the opportunity to try some unique mixes while sampling the seasonal food selection. 

Juno Rooms | London Restaurant Reviews | DesignMyNight

The cosy front seating area of the bar and restaurant. 

Juno Rooms doesn't pigeon-hole itself to a particular aesthetic, combining Shepard Fairey prints, exposed walls and hanging foliage with plush seating and what appeared to be a cherry blossom in the window. It’s also refreshingly free from snobbery, even though the bartenders have the mixology skills to back up any boasting.

The Suntory Story cocktail menu was a real highlight, and an exciting glance into what the bar’s future monthly cocktail specials could be. To start, a sip of Graham’s Blend No 5 Port that featured in the Juno Dreams of Sushi Cocktail (£10). An exclusive to the bar, this bad boy really packed a punch with a robust floral finish, yet when mixed into the cocktail, it was transformed into a gorgeous, fresh palate cleanser. The Martial Art (£10) was equally refreshing, with a Yuzu sake, Haku Vodka, chamomile and citrus coming together with one uplifting zing.

Juno Rooms | London Restaurant Reviews | DesignMyNight

The fully-stocked bar, where all the magic happens...

This sense of fresh flavours is carried through to the menu. Like the decor, the dishes are a broad mix of flavours and styles. The Asian-inspired sweetcorn and tofu fritters (£6.50) were seasoned with fresh chilli and hot sauce to keep them feeling light. These were swiftly followed the pea and mint tortellini (£13.50). Tapping into the kind of stodge-free feeling you want from a summer pasta dish, the delicate sweetness from the pea was paired with watercress puree and pine nuts to leave you full but not bloated.

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Juno Rooms is more than just an after-work watering hole. While it’s perfect for sipping expertly-crafted cocktails in after a long day, it’s also the kind of neighbourhood bar that you could sink hours into while munching on a menu of diverse international plates.