Little Bird Chiswick - Restaurant Bar Review

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Published . By Jess Halladay.

Travelling out of the hustle and bustle of Zones 1/2 to see what the outer areas have to offer has been on my big fat London to do list since I moved here 2 years ago, and so my chance finally arrived; off to Chiswick I went to spend my evening at the newly opened Little Bird.

The Venue

With a notable ‘summer house/conservatory-esque’ look and feel, we walk up some centre steps to a double set of white doors, open both wide and welcoming. With plant pots, neutral tones on the flooring and walls, the bar draped in rustic materials and the odd splash of vibrancy from turquoise cushioned chairs, bourgeois lamps and colourful art work, this restaurant was exotic on the eye while mellowed out by lounge seating and candles flickering through cages; making Little Bird eclectic and charming all the same. We had a lovely little corner/window area, positioned opportunely in front the bar and cosied up with a massive plant just behind our low seats and black cast iron framed tables. Finally, I felt settled and relaxed, staring out of the window and watching the bartenders toast marshmallows and tease with cocktail theatrics.

little bird review restaurant london

Eclectic and unique, Little Bird is perfectly matched to the suburban area of Chiswick.

Atmosphere and Clientele

Open only a few weeks prior to our visit, I got the impression that most guests were locals; here to test the handcrafted cocktails, graze on the small plates, and try the intimate terraced garden, finding out whether this will be there new little hang out for many occasions to come. Everyone is welcome at Little Bird; families coming for a small bite to eat, friends catching up, group celebrations - all were being catered for on this mildly warm and chilled out evening.

little bird london review

Little Bird are the ultimate in casual and welcoming hosts.

The Food and Drink

The menu was a mix of small plates (**WARNING: do not underestimate ‘small’**). Stating our hunger, we were told to order 2 plates and a side, but being us we ordered an extra plate; queue the arrival of a feast and our two piggish faces trying to work out how long we’ll be sat here to devour the lot. Recommended the Teriyaki Salmon Fillet & Lime (£8.50), this colourful dish was delicious, the flavours rich with a welcoming tang, and the salmon cooked perfectly flaking away gently with each fork full.

Turning up one after another, our table came adorned with the Grilled Halloumi, Courgette, Toasted Pine Nuts & Rocket Pesto, Marinated Chicken Skewers & Coriander Mayo, Thai Fishcakes and Sweet Chilli and Courgette Fritti & Sweet Soy. Saving the best to last, and a dish that I was introduced to that evening was the Seared Scallops & Lemongrass Beurre Blanc (£8.50) - I nearly found myself slurping the sauce from the shell but refrained to remain slightly respectable as this dish clearly showed just why scallops should always remain a menu staple. Clearly, Little Bird have kept their small plate selection as true to the eclectic interiors as possible, offering a rich dose of dishes that cater to seemingly summer palates. True to my heart, as soon as I saw a Margarita with Le Chica Tequila Gold on the cocktail list it was ordered - perfectly salted around the rim, with a shiver of citrus pinging at my tongue, it was top notch and just what I needed. While sadly I didn't get around to trying all the cocktails, I defy you to find a more eye-catching and all embracing list.

little bird review chiswick

I dare you to find a more open and welcoming small plate list in the city.


There’s a nice little feel of suburbia in this quiet area and Little Bird is the place to chill out at especially on the hot summer days, should they stick around. Although I didn’t get around to trying their signature cocktail, I was told that The Little Bird is not to be missed; there’s your perfect excuse to try this little gem out.