Seven at Brixton London - Cocktail and Pintxos Bar Review

Seven at Brixton brings the unique Basque flavour to South London's trendiest market location.  Nestled into what was once a luggage shop on Market Row, Seven at Brixton is a cocktail and pintxos bar that is leading the way for the arcade of eateries, pop-ups and cafes in Brixton Village. The team at Seven have managed to perfectly blend the continental gastro bar with the raw, underground edge of Brixton.

Décor and ambience

An eclectic collection of old suitcases and luggage tags that tell the story of the locations past as a retail store and create a cosy and intimate environment.  But to be fair, it's the food on display that really sets the tone for a Bilbao in Brixton experience.  One glance around and the visitor is faced with a mouth-watering line up of Iberico ham legs and pintxos stacked on the bar counter.  But this is only the ground level, head up the stairs (mind your head) where things move to from Espana to East London, with a squatter-like maze of rooms filled with quirky art installations compiled monthly by local artists. The clientele is young twenty-something's sat on coca cola crates sipping and laughing their way through the eclectic cocktail list. In the winter months it can get a little chilly in there but blankets are provided for those who want to get cosy.   

Seven at Brixton is serving up cocktails and pintxos in the heart of Brixton Market.

Clientele and atmosphere

Full of young locals and Londoners eager to take in the quirky atmosphere on offer, Seven at Brixton represents the hot gastronomic scene taking hold of Brixton Village.  It is clear that groups of friends and couples filling the restaurant are enjoying something a little different in this inimitable pseudo-European setting. Social and communal - it's all about the food and cocktails here. Light background music plays and a buzz of chat and laughter make Seven at Brixton the perfect early evening hang out before heading out to a club or home for the night. Because of the market restrictions the doors cant go any later than 10pm so make sure you get down early.

A touch of Bilbao in the heart of Brixton.

Food and drinks

Pintxos, described simply by my friend as tapas on a stick, is the Basque country's take on tapas.  There is a delicious selection of meats, cheeses and culinary delights stuck tantalisingly on a skewer.  You can feast on a happily affordable selection of these pintxos (with a constantly evolving menu) ranging from Gambas in a divine chilli and garlic sauce, tasty chorizo, manchego cheese and poblano chillis. You can wash the pintxos down with a drinkonomical drinks list including £5 cocktails that are superbly crafted by the bar staff if a little on the small side. Try a gin and blackberry influenced Brambles or the locals favourite, Electric Avenue served in a sherbet lined martini glass that holds a delightful concoction of marmalade, apple vodka and pomegranate juice. Bottled beer, mainly of Latino origin are available and well-priced wine by the glass or bottle.

Seven at Brixton is the perfect night out for fine pintxos and inventive cocktails.

Music and events

Laid back beats soundtrack your evening at Seven, a global selection of artists bringing funk, hip hop, old rock n roll and other underground sounds to this part of Brixton. Don't be surprised to hear the Rolling Stones and The Smiths accompanying your Electric Avenue. The team host regular Macmillan coffee mornings where all proceeds go to the charity, brunch menus are available at the weekend, breakfast is served throughout the week and the upstairs space is available for party and private hire bookings.


A million miles away from the dark, noisy, generic cocktail bars of central London, this Brixton bar is a quirky, inspiring and relaxing hang out spot to eat, drink and chat as the Spanish do. Despite up against it with the early enforced closing time, Seven at Brixton is a passionately run independent that is bringing a big dose of Bilbao to Brixton and we can't wait to get more of it.