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Hopscotch offers Brick Lane a quirky spin on East London classics


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What they say:

Hopscotch is bringing a playful menu of quirky meals and intriguing cocktails to its iconic Brick Lane location. They'll be serving several buns-sans-burger, instead filling them with stranger ingredients, such as Phi Phi chicken with Thai spices, chilli and lime. The London bar and restaurant also offers their unique 'bombs': small, deep fried balls. With a 1am license, the bar can serve a mixture of unique cocktails inspired by more unexpected countries. 

What we say:

Hopscotch adds to the ever-expanding alternative bar scene in East London by matching quirky cocktails with deliciously different food. The venue nods to the history of its Brick Lane location by offering a simple smoked eel on toast but still has time to experiment with its 'The Pig's Head Bomb'. While soaking in the atmosphere of their stylish 'drinking den', you can enjoy one of their unconventional cocktails, like the Hello Kyoto, made from Japanese whisky and plum wine. What's the point of visiting East London if you can't indulge in a little weirdness?