52° North British Champagne Bar and Restaurant Soho
21-22 Poland Street, London, W1F 8QG
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What they say:

North 52, in Soho, consists of the ground floor bar and lounge area with a cosy fireplace and the basement where the bar has a touch of the speakeasy vibe that is spreading quickly across London. North 52 will be a high-end Champagne bar combined with a restaurant that concentrates on the British cuisine. North 52 will be serving traditional British food, alongside a range of English wines, whisky, craft beer and cider. The cocktails will change accordingly to season as the ingredients used in 52 North are British, whether its for the food or cocktails. The decor is traditional British with a bit of Soho edginess. The leather chesterfields, wooden furniture and the 600 light bulbs create a new experience for customers. The trendy Soho environment is perfect to indulge some British drinks and dishes. 52 North is designed to be a venue where you'll bring a client for lunch, or for drinks with friends and colleagues in a cosy and trendy Soho surrounding.

What we say:

Soho is packed with bars but a real British bar is in demand in the area. The idea of locally produced drinks with local ingredients in dishes is a major plus for 52 North. The chesterfields are very tempting and the 600 light bulbs raise curiosity, but undoubtedly will add some extra spice to this new British Champagne bar and restaurant. Despite its respect for tradition, 52 North does have its Soho sexiness. Expect to see this turn into a hot spot in Soho where you'll find the trendy Soho crowd, because North 52 offers a luxurious, British and yet hip experience.