Banging Bottomless Brunch: Come With Us To Liverpool's Simulation Shooting Range

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“Do you want to go eat endless pizza and shoot some sh*t?”. That was the question I posed to my other half ahead of a visit to Point Blank Shooting for bottomless brunch (£35 per person). Of course, she said yes. The virtual range is designed to offer 'exceptional shooting realism', while slices galore are part of the American-style menu, complete with unlimited beer and fizz. So, was it bang on or bang out of order? After our glowing Point Blank Shooting Newcastle reviews, and Manchester too, we were keen to find out how Liverpool's venue fared.

Point Blank Shooting Review Liverpool City Centre | DesignMyNight

Here's our review of Point Blank Shooting in Liverpool city centre, and it's a corker.

Before we go any further, let me first apologise for all the gun puns you’re enduring here. I’m just excited (and a bit trigger happy clearly) because I do believe Point Blank has discovered Liverpool’s new secret weapon on the bottomless brunch scene - something that truly is a bit different to the usual suspects. Turns out a lot of people are fired up about the idea of unlimited food and drink with a side of virtual gunfire too. When we arrived in the early Sunday afternoon, the subterranean venue was already booming - in more ways than one. We arrived ten minutes early, as requested, to sign our waivers, then settled in at the speakeasy bar with a cocktail while we waited for our range to free up.

I went for the For A Few Dollars More and my other half chose the $5 Milkshake (£9 each, or two for £12 from Sunday to Friday) from the 'high calibre' cocktails list. The former was a heavenly combo of amaretto, chocolate liqueur, hazelnut syrup, chocolate bitters, egg white and chocolate powder - delish. The latter was an indulgent concoction of vanilla vodka, Luxardo Maraschino, Baileys, hazelnut syrup, cherry and cream - double delish. I really appreciated how the concoctions here weren’t a second thought here. They’ve got uber on-brand names like Top Gun, AK 40 Lemon and Rock Out With Your Glock Out but the ingredients are premium and the recipes are well curated. Same goes for the interior decor. It can be easy for places like this to lean on the novelty side of things and rely on the activity to do all the legwork. However, the small details have been thought about here, from the button-back leather booths to the wooden gun display cabinets.

Point Blank Shooting Liverpool Booking | DesignMyNight

Sippin' and shootin' are the name of the game here.

In our private booth, our host gave us a thorough demo of how to operate the games and most importantly, how to use our personal armoury. Did I do the gun fingers and let out a few "pew pew"s? Yes. Was I very quickly humbled by my poor aim and coordination? Also yes. Did we smoke the leaderboard? Absolutely not. Still, we had an absolute blast working our way through the simulations, which are accurate to 0.3mm and are actually used to train professional shooters worldwide. Pretty cool.

As I mentioned, bottomless brunch was part of our Point Blank Shooting range price: endless pizza with unlimited beer (Sol), Sex Pistol cocktail and fizz (bellinis). These came in a steady stream as we fired our way through the (also seemingly endless) list of shooting simulations on screen. The beers were chilled, fruity bellinis were served in gorgeous coupe glasses, and the pizza was freshly baked and piping hot - no complaints here. My winner was the BBQ chicken pizza (hand-stretched dough, BBQ base, mozzarella, crispy chicken and crispy onions).

Point Blank Shooting Liverpool Menu | DesignMyNight

The Point Blank Shooting Liverpool menu spans from bottomless pizza brunches to indulgent cocktails and sides.

We also went for a side of Chinese salt and pepper tater tots with sriracha mayo (£4) and wow, I’m still thinking about their crunchy, fluffy, salty, potatoey goodness almost a week later. Wondering whether to tater tot or tater not? Do it; you won’t regret it. Just don’t forget to use the hand sanitiser gel that’s provided in your booth because it’s a finger food kinda situation here.

The DesignMyNight Digest 

Real talk: if lots of noise, a distinct lack of daylight and unique brunch entertainment doesn’t tickle ya pickle, a Point Blank Liverpool booking probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re up for shooting targets and rescuing (virtual) hostages over bottomless pizza and booze, this will hit the bullseye. Plus, with everything you get for your money, I’d definitely say this is bang for your buck - sorry, that was cheap shot… Word to the wise: you’re going to be feeling the consequences of this activity in your triceps long after the fuzzy head and carb coma have subsided.

  💰 The damage: £70 for bottomless brunch for two gunslingers, plus £12 for two cocktails.

  📍  The location: 25 Castle Street, L2 4TA.

  👌 Perfect for: People who like their bottomless brunch with a side of activity.

 ⭐ Need to know: Upgrade your guns to rifles for an extra £10 (and bonus badass points).


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