Something a Little Different In Leeds

While we're sure your local is just fine, sometimes you just want something a little different in Leeds. Which is great, because the city is positively brimming with alternative bars, bringing unique concepts, crazy cocktails and even conversation-starting decor. So if you're after quirky bars in Leeds, read our recommended list and have fun.

Last updated on 8th December 2022

Paint a Pic Leeds

When in need of quirky ideas for things to do with friends or your other half, Paint A Pic has your back with their fun art classes. From grabbing drinks at the bar to fashioning your masterpiece, these events are all kinds of fun.


When you're in need of quirky things to do, head to YO! Leeds Trinity for their cool masterclass. You'll tuck into gyozas and a welcome drink on arrival, before learning some history, practising fish-cutting techniques and constructing four delish items.


It's not just Japanese food at Teppanyaki: it's about theatre too! You'll sit around the hot plate as the friendly chefs cook you up something great (delivering both tasty food and banter), creating a fun, social atmosphere.

The Man Behind the Curtain

The Man Behind the Curtain is an experimental restaurant in Leeds that is trying to get rid of the stardom surrounding chefs. Instead, this Michelin-starred restaurant is all about the flavours, offering a twelve-course tasting menu with names like 'The Insecurity of Postmen in Oakley Sunglasses' – as well as offering a wine pairing menu to boot.

Bulgogi Grill

This Korean restaurant gives a fun, interactive element to Chinese cooking. Delivering locally-sourced BBQ meats and seafood, marinated in traditional Korean seasonings and sauces, you'll get to cook them yourselves on the concave grill on your table.

Mans Market

New-age Chinese food is king at Mans Market, offering a quirkily decorated restaurant that delivers on flavours. Expect kitsch oriental décor and hanging Chinese lanterns made all the better by a menu of delicious meat boxes and Dim Sum, washed down by Hong Kong-inspired cocktails.


Zaap hopes to transport people to the streets of Thailand with upcycled light features, lanterns and Thai street signs, as well as speakers playing a mixture of Thai pop or rock music. Really great for people looking for something different to do in Leeds, they also serve up a delicious array of authentic Thai dishes.

Outlaws Yacht Club

The Outlaws Yacht Club manages to combine artistry with socialising in one space. This cool bar in Leeds is all laidback sofas, surrounded by artwork from local artists, lending the place a vibrant atmosphere. Couple that with the beer, wine and cocktails, as well as loose teas and local coffees, and you've got a great place to hangout.