Something a Little Different in Leeds

While we're sure your local is just fine, sometimes you just want something a little different in Leeds. Which is great, because the city is positively brimming with alternative bars, bringing unique concepts, crazy cocktails and even conversation-starting decor. So if you're after quirky bars in Leeds, read our recommended list and have fun.

Last updated on 8th January 2020

Tiki Hideaway

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2 for £12 on Cocktails, 7-9pm Wed - Sat

Did you know the South Pacific can be found right here in the city? Tiki Hideaway is definitely for people who want something a little different in Leeds, offering up Tiki treats, Hawaiian leis and quirky beach hut interiors. Think puffer fish, bamboo sticks and Hawaiian shirt clad bartenders.

While a wine bar doesn't necessarily scream something a little different in Leeds, Veeno has something that lets it stand out from the rest: the volume. This rustic hideaway is perfect for date nights and friends alike, with a wide variety of the finest bottles of wines lining the walls. Pick your favourite and get some Italian spuntini – perfect.

The Outlaws Yacht Club manages to combine artistry with socialising in one space. This cool bar in Leeds is all laidback sofas, surrounded by artwork from local artists, lending the place a vibrant atmosphere. Couple that with the beer, wine and cocktails, as well as loose teas and local coffees, and you've got a great place to hangout.

The Man Behind the Curtain is an experimental restaurant in Leeds that is trying to get rid of the stardom surrounding chefs. Instead, this Michelin-starred restaurant is all about the flavours, offering a twelve-course tasting menu with names like 'The Insecurity of Postmen in Oakley Sunglasses' – as well as offering a wine pairing menu to boot.