Fun Things To Do In Ireland 2024

Just because you're no longer a kid doesn't mean you can't act like one from time to time. Feel free to let your hair down, drop all of your responsibilities (within reason...) and hit the town in search of all the fun things to do in Ireland for adults. Think cocktail classes, tiki bingo, 'beer school' and a Bruce Springsteen-themed club night.  

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Best Pubs In Ireland

Discover all the boozy gems Ireland has to offer with this list of pubs that will knock your socks off. Drink away with friends in some of the country's most historic establishments, along with live music and incredible food to boot. 

Dublin: The Blind Pig

This secret underground bar in Dublin is the perfect place if you're searching for non-touristy things to do in Ireland. The Blind Pig is a joint that the average holidaymaker is unlikely to discover, but well worth tracking down if you're a cocktail fan. Their boozy masterclasses will see you sipping on a welcome bev before mixing up three fab drinks.