Best Pubs In Ireland

When in the land of Guinness and Gaelic football, you can bet that planning a night out won't take an age. Here, it's all about stumbling across a cluster of boozers and choosing the one with the biggest crowd, loudest music or cutest front entrance. With a whole load to choose from, let us steer you in the right direction with our list of the best Irish pubs in Ireland. 

Last edited by Jasmine Lee Kennedy

Dublin: The Long Hall Pub

If you're planning a tour of old pubs in Ireland, make sure The Long Hall is on your list. Since appearing on the scene way back in 1766, Dubliners and tourists alike have been making the most of its beautiful Victorian interiors featuring engravings, historic plaques and antique clocks. 

Dublin: The Palace Bar

The Palace Bar is one of the most adored and famous Irish pubs in Dublin. It keeps the regulars coming as they always know what they're in for: pints you can trust and comfort food that will keep you going. They also have live music, their own whiskey brand and sports screenings for big games. 

Dublin: The Stag's Head

If it ain't broke don't fix it? That's the ethos at The Stag's Head in Dublin, as in this place you can expect untouched Victorian architecture, fuss-free grub and old world values. It's a go-to for that sought-after traditional Hibernian experience, while still being one of the best Ireland pubs on the map.

Belfast: Maddens

Keep things casual at Madden's in Belfast. This place is for folks that are purely in town for a good old pint without the frills or crowds. Ales, stouts and draught beers are in plentiful supply, and there's even live music to soundtrack your booze-fuelled visit. 

Dublin: Kehoes Pub

Showing punters a good time since it was first licensed in 1803, Kehoes showcases the best of Dublin nightlife without sacrificing its traditional roots. With pints, whiskey, live music and comedy shows, this joint has the winning combination for a memorable trip to the Irish capital. 

Dublin: Mulligan's Pub

Another old-school watering hole effortlessly keeping its Irish charm in tact is Mulligan's Pub. Providing a portal to simpler times, soak up the history with a Guinness in hand, much like the famous figures that came before you (we're talkin' John F. Kennedy, Seamus Heaney and more).