Where to Watch The Ashes in Glasgow

Where to watch the Ashes in Glasgow? Scotland may not have a huge part to play in the legendary Ashes series, but it's not like us to shy away from watching a bit of sport, whether we're on the field or not. Show your support for the folks down south as they battle it out, or get behind team Australia, in the most competitive sporting event of summer. If you're looking to get in on the cricketing action, check out the pubs and bars in Glasgow with big screens showing all the Ashes highs, lows, and overthrows, as this almighty battle between the two infamous sides plays out over the next few weeks. 

The Golf Lounge

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The Golf Lounge is scattered with a shiny multitude of plasma screens showing the biggest games in sport. So, if you're keen to catch the Aussie and English sides battle it out as you watch The Ashes in Glasgow - get yourself down to this unique City Centre bar, and have a go on one of the golf swing simulators while the players go for lunch. 

Record Factory

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To watch The Ashes series in Glasgow's West End, head to Record Faktory. Catch the all-important matches on one of the 12 sporting screens dotted about the bright and bustling Glasgow bar. For the most avid cricket enthusiasts - you can even book out a private space with a big screen, so you can really let your passions run wild as the competition heats up.

Committee Room No.9

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Committee Room No.9 is a prime location to watch the Ashes in Glasgow. This stylish Merchant City bar is home to a couple of enormous Sky Sports  big screens, and offers a booth booking service including beer buckets for £10 or two pints and a chippy supper for £12. So if your a keen cricket follower, make a day of it and enjoy the action in a comfortable environment with everything you'll need for the big day.