Top 10 Bars To Take Your Girlfriend in Glasgow

Laziness is a curse and often means that we end up going to the same old bars every week. If you find yourself bored out of your wits, then the likelihood is that your girlfriend's probably in the same mood. To help bring a smile back to her beautiful face, we've search far and wide to find Glasgow's best bars for an intimate experience and romantic evening on the town. So without further delay, here's our recommendations for the top 10 bars to take your girlfriend in Glasgow.


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Delicate cocktails and delicious food, how better to please your girlfriend on your next date night. Though South American tapas is the headliner at Cubatas, the cocktail menu perfectly reflects the vibrant flavours and daring creativity that runs down the spine of this restaurant in Glasgow. An arsenal of international spirits, fresh fruits, potent liqueurs and international spirits support the bartenders on their quest to capture bliss in a glass. 


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Suave in everything it does, Tabac is a cosy cocktail bar that's perfect for an intimate night out in Glasgow with your beloved girlfriend. The entire bar is drenched in a cloak of dark allure, with the various potted plants, black leather booths, black-topped bar and huge wall paintings adding an air of wonderful mystery about the place. Add this sultry atmosphere to a delicately balanced cocktail menu, and you have yourself the perfect location for your next date night.


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Versatile by nature and boasting one of the most comprehensive drinks lists in Glasgow, Gin71 - as you may have guessed - is dedicated to showcasing all things juniper berry related. Elegantly decorated with old oil paintings and illuminated using candle lighting, the highlight of this bar is their home-made tonics and delicately brewed cocktails. With bagsful of knowledge and always offering a warm, welcoming smile, this spot is wise beyond its years and offers the perfect date location if your girlfriend loves gin.  


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For something a little bit daring, grab your girlfriend and lead her to Chinaskis, a secret bar sitting comfortably below street-level on North Street. With exposed brick walls, dark wooden floors and dim lighting, the character of this seductive speakeasy is enhanced. Add to the fold a selection of international spirits, fine wines and finely-balanced cocktails, and you'll find the perfect spot to sit with your girlfriend, watching the hours drift by. 

Kelvingrove Cafe

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A chic and stylish restaurant bar in the heart of Glasgow's West End, the Kelvingrove Cafe has quickly established itself as a highlight of an area that's bursting full of quirky bars and exquisite restaurants. Complementing the large leather booths and exposed brasswork, the team of mixologists really let their imaginations run wild, curating a delectable menu of creative concoctions and intriguing mixtures. Nestle into a cosy booth with your beloved girlfriend and drift effortlessly into a state of bliss at this brilliant West End bar. 

Champagne Central

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Based in the ever-opulent Grand Central Hotel, Champagne Central carries itself with grace, serenity and style. As you probably guessed from the name, champagne is the primary infatuation at this Glaswegian bar. The venue boasts an impressive collection of the world's finest bottles of bubbles and offers its visitors a suave experience that simply cannot be rivalled. Treat your girlfriend like royalty with a serene night out at this idyllic bar.