Kimchi Cult Kimchi Cult adds Sweet & Sour spice to Glasgow's West End
Chancellor Street, Glasgow, G11 5RQ
Happily Affordable
Type of Venue

What they say:

Korea has never felt so close. Inspired by American style casual dinning, and having spent a few years exploring the culinary mysteries of the Korean peninsula, married couple Danny O'Sullivan and Sarah Hogg open a Korean Fast Food eatery in Glasgow's West End. Pledging to create traditional dishes with a twist, their flavourful menu is like no other; think succulent beef burgers with melted cheese, a brioche bun and a generous helping of seasoned kimchi. Say An-Yeong! to Glasgow's latest West End wonder.

What we say:

The idea of Kimchi Cult is an intriguing one. It's wonderfully built up of a number of different culinary aspects. The traditional Korean dishes with a western twist theme allows them to let their creativity flow, opening up their palate and menu to an array of different flavour combinations and delicious, albeit quirky meals. Add this to the American-style in-and-out service, and you could have a game changer on your hands. The biggest challenge facing their adventurous team will be to maintain the high-standards of their culinary creations whilst simultaneously boasting a quick turn-over time. But if they can pull this off, Kimchi Cult will definitely become a favourite spot amongst Glasgow's fast-food elite.