New bar spy - Riverhill Restaurant & Bar

The makers of Riverhill Courtyard & Riverhill Coffee Bar to open Merchant City plot

Riverhill Restaurant & Bar

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What they say:

The independent eatery and baristas joints from Riverhill push the boat out with a new city centre venture toting locally sourced Scottish ingredients with a menu of fine foods and cocktails. Cakes and treats will also be in supply, rather on the sidelines than front and centre in their Coffee Bar plot, with the focus being on flavour exploration and the creative design of their new dishes. 

What we say:

Specialising in Vegan friendly foods with a menu cultivated out of internationally influenced cuisine stretching from Scotland to Morocco, Malaysia, Jamaica and afar, tuck into a menu of distinctive flavours and enjoy classic cocktails with a Modern Riverhill twist. With a big love for tantalising tastes, Glasgow's palate should be ready for some home grown innovative cooking with this Riverhill expansion.