New bar spy - Bavaria Brauhaus

Big beers and Bavarian goodies come to Bothwell Street in time for Oktoberfest

Bavaria Brauhaus

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What they say:

Bringing the Germanic beer community ashore, an A-listed building in the centre of Glasgow is being transformed into the ultimate Bavarian beer hall inspired by the great Munich establishment, Hofbräuhaus. Big on beer, traditional German culture and all the sausage you could want, Bavaria Brau Haus is a whole load of stein laced spirit where there'll be nothing but classic decor, authentic eats and one huge party. 

What we say:

Oktoberfest is looking larger than ever in Glasgow this year. As one of the country's best loved festivals/excuse to drink copious amounts of beer and it be acceptable, Oktoberfest is going to have a new host in the form of the grand and glorious Bavaria Brau Haus. Prepare to be met by a 2 floor cavern of German delights and beer drinking tomfoolery.