Clubs with Private Booths in Glasgow

Strut up to the club in your finest threads, skip the queue then pass the hoards standing around and go straight to your very own table. Booking a booth is the way to go for a truly exclusive night out in the city. There are lots of clubs in Glasgow with private booths, many of which come with bottle service, free guestlist and lots of other VIP perks. So why slum it with the rest when you can sit in comfort with the best? Check out our guide to some of the best clubs with private booths in Glasgow. 

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Last updated on 25th March 2024


Hailed as one of the most unique clubs in Glasgow and brimming with late night antics, not only should you head on down to Hummingbird for some of the best cocktails and music in the business, there's private booths for that all important party with friends. They've got private karaoke rooms to boot, so you can end the night by singing your heart out with all your best pals.