Burlesque in Glasgow

2013 was a great year for Glasgow bars, it was a year that saw West Regent Street flourish, carnivores well-fed, and the city's clubbing scene continue to prove it's the best in the country. Yep, it's all starting to come up Glasgow. Take a look at our predictions for the top trends for the year ahead... 


Burlesque bars in Glasgow have had an utterly meteoric rise over the past year and we're reckoning there's even more to come over the next 12 months. Bars like Bar Gumbo, The Arches, Steampunk Cafe and Arta have all shaken some tassels with cabaret shows this year. If you want to get a regular revue fix, check out Spangled Cabaret at The Flying Duck, or regular shows at The Riding Room. Why not see of they'll let you try out the art for yourself. 

Street Food in Glasgow

Street Food Cartel was one of the big success stories of 2013 in Glasgow. 

Street Food

2013 saw the street food revolution take hold in Glasgow. Pop-up kitchens like Smoak set up shop in bars around town (at Pivo Pivo, Variety and Sanctuary if you're feeling hungry) delighting the masses with incredible pulled pork and brisket. Street Food Cartel was also one of the massive success stories of the year with unrivaled support from Glaswegian foodies eager to grow a street food culture in the city. Meanwhile events like KILTR's Street Feastival had established restaurants taking it al fresco and bars like Sloans launched their very own street food menus. With campaigns hotting up to allow food vans on the streets of the city, we reckon Glasgow's street food culture will be taking it outside in 2014. 

Late Night Guzzlin'

In case you'd forgotten, Glasgow City Council announced an extension of opening hours for some 200+ City Centre and Merchant City pubs earlier this year, in an aim to please punters who like to linger on for drinks without heading to a club. The new licenses have been kicking in throughout December so that means 2014 will see us spending longer in our favourite boozers. More beer, more banter and better nights out in 2014. 

Shooter bars in Glasgow

Tingle is a bustling Shooter bar that's a go-to ahead of club nights around Glasgow City Centre. 


We reckon shooter bars in Glasgow are going to be on the rise in 2014. The last year, bars like Tingle have had massive success as the perfect pre-party quick scoop pit-stop. Rumour has it there's one or two more shooter bars opening up in the city next year, and we can't wait to see what shots they've got in store. 

The East End

2014 is going to be Glasgow's year, this summer, the Commonwealth Games come to town. And while Finnieston is on the up, the Southside has a small but mighty bar scene, and the West End and Merchant City are as bustling as ever - the East End is one neck of the woods that's seriously slacking in the bar stakes - aside from West of course, our favourite East End hangout. Our reckoning is that this part of town is going to see some dapper new joints opening up over the next few months. If the Olympic rejuvenation of East London is anything to go by, Glasgow's Eastenders are going to have some hip party pads popping up ahead of the games. 

Gabber in Glasgow

Vice's video highlighted the massive Gabber scene in Glasgow. 


If anyone saw the Vice video earlier this year, on Gabber in Glasgow, they were either taken in, or terrified. Either way there's no denying the BPMs in Glasgow clubs are on the increase, who needs gym membership for the new year when you're dancing this fast? 

Join Our Club

Club culture is taking over Glasgow and I ain't talking about techno or house. Glasgow bars have got some rather neat tipple tasting groups, and these circles of swiggers are growing fast. From the women's whisky club in the Pot Still, to the wine tasting club in Gandolfi, why not join a club this year, make friends, refine your palette and get drunk, all at once.