Gabber Glasgow

A new video by Vice magazine journo, Clive Martin, takes a look at the wild world of gabber clubs in Glasgow. The video is part of Big Night Out, a new series on Vice's sister site, Noisey that looks into the bizarre extremes of UK nightlife. Martin came to Glasgow to take a first-hand look at the gabber scene. Gabber, for those not au fait with the extremities of niche dance music, is a non-stop, pounding, persistent form of hardcore house. It pumps out at more than three beats a second. Yep, it's intense, and so, as Martin says in his video, he came to a city with an intense reputation to explore it. Enter Glasgow.
While the world of gabber looks, just a tad, frightening in the report, Martin, who tried his darndest to bust a move with the best of them, noted that the scene he found in Glasgow was, in fact, one of the most diverse and welcoming he'd encountered in UK clubbing. So if you're a head-wrecked raver who wants to dip your toe in gabber culture in Glasgow, keep your eyes peeled for gabber club nights in Glasgow at clubs like SWG3, Make Do and The Arches, for nights with ramming bass, toxic synth and seriously rabid partying. 
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