5 Quirky Burgers To Try In Glasgow

Last updated . By Faith Strickland.

Glasgow is a city of greats, from patron saint Billy Connolly through to battered Mars Bars, but perhaps our most proud attribute is the epic burgers. Not content with a simple beef patty and bun, Glasgow restaurants have put their magic touch to the burger to create mouth-watering, mad and utterly delicious creations. Put on your eating trousers, pack another shirt and gear up for some serious mouth-working monstrosities as we pick five quirky Glasgow burgers.

The doughnut one at Bread Meats Bread

A palace of all things meaty, Bread Meats Bread can do no wrong when it comes to burgers. Having garnered a reputation across the country, the St Vincent Street spot uses inventive and unusual ingredients to create their plates. Luther (£8) is one such dish, as a double smashed patty is loaded with American cheese, candied bacon, spicy beef mayo and crispy fried onions before being sandwiched between two grilled glazed doughnut rings.

Bread Meats Bread

Bread Meats Bread is dedicated to all things cheesy and delicious.

The porky one at Lebowskis

Known for their incredible burger specials, Lebowskis on Argyle Street and Nithsdale Road are the places to find quirky burgers in Glasgow. In heart-attack-inducing honour to the King, the notorious burger joints have created the Elvis Pigsley, a burger that could rival the Leaning Tower of Pisa in height. Sandwiched between two brioche buns, the restaurant have cooked a pork patty and topped it with mixed chilli beans, onion rings and bacon; wash it down with one of their famous white Russians for the ultimate hip-shaking experience.

Elvis Pigsley

Keep an eye on Lebowskis' specials board for amazing burger creations.

The trailer trash one at Bloc+

Bloc+ is all about the good things in life: epic live music, insane craft beer and dirty, cheese-dripping burgers. The Durty Burger (£9.95) is a creation so naughty, you’re going to want to eat it under the sheets. Using a burger made from 100% prime Scottish mince, a finger-licking mix of Smiths’ Bacon Fries, trailer trash cheese, Bloc+’s own relish, and house slaw is slapped on top, and then doused in thick, gloopy onion gravy.

Bloc+ Durty Burger

You're going to need more than a knife and fork to tackle Bloc+'s Durty Burger.

The veggie one at BrewDog

Despite its devilish name, Hail Seitan (£8) at mammoth brewer BrewDog is anything but. The veggie burger is created using the miracle food ‘seitan’, a wheat protein that tastes and looks like meat when cooked. Tuck into this fried-chicken-esque vegan burger that is made even more scrumptious with hummus, sun-kissed tomatoes and crispy kale.

Brewdog Burger

Veggies and vegans don't have to miss out on Glasgow's epic burger offering at BrewDog. 

The mac 'n' cheese one at Steak Cattle & Roll

Steak Cattle & Roll took one look at the normal burger and tossed it aside. With two outlets in Glasgow, the restaurant takes their burgers to new heights by adding some more unusual ingredients including the likes of nacho crisps, maple-syrup bacon and baked beans. But, the winner for us has got to be Mac & Cheese (£9), a mouth-watering combination of macaroni cheese, ranch sauce, Coca Cola BBQ Sauce and crispy bacon, guaranteed to get the heart racing in more ways than one.

Steak Cattle and Roll

Steak, Cattle and Roll have some serious burgers from nachos on top through to pulled beef.