Whisky Bars in Glasgow

Scotch, malt, whisky.... On the rocks, straight up or with a dash of water... Whatever you call it or however you like it, you're never far away from a dram in Glasgow. With great pubs, good banter, nice surroundings and staff who really know their stuff, our city is right place to become an aficionado. Your next snifter may be just around the corner, check out our guide to Glasgow's whisky bars to find out.

Curler's Rest

The Curler's Rest has an extensive collection of whiskies to try, with a menu broken down into sweet, smoky, fruity and spicy creations. Kick back and relax in this charming pub while working your way through different flavour combinations.

The Pot Still

The Pot Still is the go-to destination for whisky in Glasgow. With literally hundreds of bottles (370 on the last count) on offer from around the world, as well as the best of the local stuff too, there's good reason this pub is an institution.


It's all in a name at this bar as Dram promise some of the most coveted bottles in the business. A West End gem where nights spent hoofing whisky don't go a miss, head on down to this cool and traditional plot for a night spent savouring their selection.