Where To Drink Buckfast in Glasgow

It may have been given a bad name by the press, but we sure do love a bit-a-bucky here at DMN. Although many of Glasgow's bars might not want to admit to selling glasses of the oh-so-caffeinated fortified wine, we've found a couple who happily encourage a glass of the red stuff - you might be surprised to discover how these guys have come to serve this ever-so-sweet beverage. Check out our favourite bars to drink Buckfast in Glasgow. 

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!


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It might be better known for its amazing range of gins, but Gin71 isn't afraid to spread its wings. Head to this bar to discover their 'Breach of the Peace' which combines the tonic wine with gin for a classy little tipple.

Pizza Punks

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They're churning out some of the best pizzas in Glasgow with some of the most interesting toppings, but that doesn't mean Pizza Punks shy away from a classic. Join them for a selection of cocktails that promise Buckfast as one of the main ingredients.


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These guys champion the Bucky. Alongside their extensive selection of White Russians, Lebowski's offer a Scottish alternative, namely: The Gutter Bomb. The concept is pretty simple: replace the vodka in a White Russian for Buckfast and you've found yourself a new national bev. That'll be a cool blend of Buckfast, Kahlua, coffee liqueur and milk please!

Nice 'N' Sleazy

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A go to party spot for Glasgow's pleasure seekers, Nice N Sleazy is rumoured to serve Buckfast to punters straight from the bottle - a cheeky alternative to the usual stuff you get behind the bar. A party hearty venue and an ever popular spot for late night shenanigans, the extra dose of caffeine will come in handy when it comes to staying up all through the night.