Best Sports Bars In Glasgow

Whether it's the SPL or the Premiership, the tennis or golf; folks in this city love getting together to watch their athletic heroes in action. And with such an unbridled passion for the 'beautiful game', there are plenty of watering holes showing all the fixtures throughout the week. If you're wondering where to spend your next match day, here are Glasgow's best sports bars.

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Last updated on 31st May 2024

Tennents Bar

Thanks to the multiple large screens dotted about the traditional pub, Tennents Bar is loved heartily by the city's sports fans. Snap up a table to catch the fixtures, all while delving into the menu of burgers, pizza and beers.

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The Horseshoe Bar

Renowned as one of the best sports pubs in Glasgow, The Horseshoe Bar is a big fan of the footie. Boasting numerous big screens across the shop with excellent views of all the action, as well as being home to drool-worthy grub and draught pints, this joint is popular for a reason.

The Lauder's

If you've ever been to The Lauder's before, chances are you've seen its numerous HD TVs peppered all about the place. Plonk yourself right in front of one for a stellar view of the fabulous footie foray, just make sure to check out the scrumptious menu of tasty eats too.

Hudsons Glasgow

Glasgow football pubs are topped off by Hudsons. It may be out of the city centre, but it's a top choice of cosy boozers around its parts, offering huge screens showing all kinds of sports, a weekly quiz and everything from pints to gin spritzes behind the bar.


There's never a dull moment over at Dram!, especially when there's a footie match on. You'll find a huge screen showing all the on-field action at the weekends, alongside lively banter, fantastic special offers and your favourite game day snacks.