New bar spy - The McMillan

The McMillian Transforms Glasgow's Southside Into A Gastronomical Dream

The McMillan

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Now Open

What they say:

Shawlands can look forward to a brand spankin' bar and restaurant, launching on Pollockshaws Road to serve up a high quality menu of meat and seafood dishes, made from only the finest locally sourced ingredients. A family run bar in Glasgow that welcomes children throughout the day, The McMillan is all set to deliver a simple but effective formula of top quality dishes and a drinks offering with a local and independent edge. 

What we say:

So, it's been nine years since Glasgow's Shawlands was gifted with a newly licenced premises - and it's about bloody time that they made use of that boarded up space, chillin' on Pollockshaws Road for oh so long. As far as we can tell, The McMillan is all set to rejuvenate the Shawlands gastronomical scene into one characterised by craft beer, high quality meat and seafood dishes, as well as artfully crafted cocktails. We're excited to say the least.