Hummingbird - Glasgow Bar Review

By Claire Byrne.

Hummingbird is one of the most unique, stylish and versatile bars in Glasgow - and despite being part of a larger bar group, still manages to retain much of the cheek and charm of an independent venue. 

Hummingbird Mezzanine

The Mezzanine is a cool semi-private space to hang out (literally) without missing the action below.

The Venue

Amid the trend for striped-back bars with raw, bare interiors, Hummingbird is a site for sore eyes. A sprawling venue over four or five floors (I lost count!) of a Bath Street townhouse, each room and each space has a personality of it's own. From the fairy tale tale-like seating downstairs, with bird cage lanterns and majestic clam shell, main bar, that makes you feel like a mermaid could jump out at any moment, to the cool NYC loft feel of the mezzanine with it's hanging basket seating, I'm almost afraid to sit into. The basement is a euro style discotheque, and four function rooms upstairs each offer their own unique vibe, from the headache-inducing Glitter Room, to the utterly swanky Penthouse, a chilled out Studio, and the Posh Room, perfect for cool business meetings away from the boardroom. As we explored room after room of this venue (I'm sure if we were allowed, but heck we did it anyway) it revealed something of a split personality wonderland, with a real eye for both style and detail. 

Main Bar at Hummingbird Glasgow

The clam shell main bar at Hummingbird - the picture doesn't quite do it justice. 

Atmosphere and Clientele

We visited Hummingbird for afterwork drinks, and while the rest of Bath Street was still rather quiet, small clusters were beginning to gather in the main bar on the ground floor. Stylish young professionals, the crowd at Hummingbird seem to be looking for West End whimsy, with all the atmosphere ad style of the City Centre, and they get it. While Hummingbird is popular with unhinged groups of birthday revellers or hen nights, the private rooms upstairs mean these groups are contained until a little later the rest of the bar has caught up with the party. The staff at Hummingbird are friendly and chatty, immediately attentive as you enter. Big bench style seating by the bar makes this a handy place for groups to gather and chat, while quiet corners and cosy lighting at an intimate date-perfect ambiance in what is an other-wise, big and busy bar. 

Hummingbird Bath Street Glasgow

Intimate seating off the main bar, great for date night or dining with small groups. 

Food and Drink 

Cocktails are a specialty at Hummingbird, with a rather sweet selection that airs heavy on the side of flowers and delicate fruits and berries. At £6.50 the concoctions are cheaper than many of their counterparts nearby, and while perhaps not as refined as some of the more plush bars around town, they've still got a great taste and a good kick. Among our favourites, the Pear Blush Mojito, Lemon Bonbon, Raspberry & Elderflower Collins, and the Blueberry & Vanilla Caipirovska. We didn't dine at Hummingbird, but loved their newspaper-style menu which offered a mammoth selection burgers courtesy of Ketchup on Ashton Lane, as well as a more refined selection of mains and starters. It's worth noting, a nice idea for groups on the razz - Hummingbird offers a drinks package option for groups with tables, where you can fill your own mini fridge for the night, instead of trekking to the bar every time you want a top up. 

Hummingbird Glasgow Penthouse

The ultra-swish Penthouse, one of several private rooms, this one comes with its very own bar. 


Hummingbird seems like a well-thought out venue, that really does offer something for most people and most eventualities, whether you're a hen group looking for karaoke and dancing, a business person looking for a meeting room with cocktails for after, or a couple looking for a cool date spot that's quiet enough to chat over burgers. With quirky touches, tongue-in-cheek party packages, and incredible decor, despite having a commercial lead on several of it's Bath Street neightbours, Hummingbird stands out as memorable, unique, and charming.