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Burger Meats Bun Meets Glasgow

Burger Meats Bun


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What they say:

If you want a burger that'll blow your box, you're in the right place. At Burger Meats Bun, our passion lies in fusing attention to detail, pride and a constant drive for quality in all that we do. We focus on quality of choice rather than quantity. Juicy burgers, heavenly wings & awesome fries. Throw in some quality beers, liquor, good tunes & our brilliant team of fellow burger lovers and you have us in, well...a bun!

What we say:

Burger Meats Bun is a cool new bar on Glasgow's foodie scene. This quirky City Centre burger bar, is the work of friends James and Ben who wanted to create a high quality food in a casual urban setting. The pair met working at acclaimed Michelin-star restaurant, Peat Inn in Fife, so these guys know a thing or two about tasty food. Burgers, of course, take centre stage, though chicken wings and veggie options are mouthwatering too - as are the cocktails - at this fun, unpretentious, cool new bar in Glasgow.