New bar spy - The Round

North Rotunda Invites You Round For Cocktails

The Round

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What they say:

An exciting move from restaurateurs Kevin Campbell and Toni Carbajosa, The Round sees the continued development within the iconic North Rotunda building, adding a 300 capacity cocktail bar to the Rotunda Tower. The Round opens alongside three restaurants, to cater to the tides of thirsty concert-goers drawn in from The Hydro. Campbell intends for The Round to be both "reasonably priced and high quality, a real bartender's bar for people who like a good drink".

What we say:

Serving masterfully crafted cocktails to thirsty concert-goers in an iconic Glasgow venue, The Round completes an already spectacular food and drink collective in the Argyll Street area. Just a stones throw from The Hydro, this exciting new venue will whip up a frenzy of cocktails in a lounge space reminiscent of a Rat Pack casino, adorned with illuminated playing cards that'll keep punters awake until the wee hours of tomorrow. Arrive for a cheeky tipple after the show and pick up where you left off - simply mark your half-finished bottle when you head over to The Hydro, and crack it open open again on your return.