New bar spy - Alston Bar & Beef

New Grill & Gin House Beefs Up Central Station

Alston Bar & Beef

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What they say:

The fellas behind Waxy O'Connor's and Frankenstein's in Edinburgh have invested £1m into two new food and drink venues in Glasgow Central Station. Launching Alston Bar & Beef alongside a daytime coffee shop, Glendola will bring two tasty and unique additions to the city centre, welcoming guests throughout the day for food, drink and camaraderie. Alston Bar & Beef serves up locally sourced beef alongside the largest collection of Scottish gins, an interesting and innovative combination that has certainly impressed its patrons.

What we say:

Occupying a naughty little spot beneath the main thoroughfare of Glasgow's Central Station, Alston Bar & Beef delivers fresh meat and a selection of gins that'll leave mother more than a little ruined. Sourcing only the finest beef from local Scottish producers and serving their gin selection with impeccable flair (the focus is on the glasses in which drinks are served, and the manner in which a garnish brings out individual flavours), this is a curious new opening that introduces an innovative food and drink combination to the traditional American style grill.