Rainy Day Bars in Glasgow

It's a rainy day in Glasgow. You can either sit at home, moping about, or make the best of it at one of Glasgow's best rainy day bars. Beers, board games, toasty fires and great comfort food - every cloud has a silver lining. Never have a gloomy mood again with our guide to the ultimate rainy day havens in Glasgow. Brollies at the ready, it's time to make a dash for it. 

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!

Bar Gandolfi

2 user reviews 5

Good wine, good company, good atmosphere; all the makings of a great evening whatever the weather. But if your day's been a rainy one, make it an extra cosy evening, high in the rafters over Cafe Gandolfi. The attic bar is a bustling place where you can listen to the rain outside, sip on a fine vintage, and leave both your troubles and puddles at the door. A chic spin on your average rainy day bar in Glasgow. 

Curler's Rest

5 user reviews 4

The Curler's Rest is a cosy pub in the heart of the West End and the perfect rainy day bar in Glasgow. It serves up a great selection of beers, real ales and wines, cooks up some of the tastiest pub grub in Glasgow and also has a nifty selection of board games and newspapers to keep you ticking over 'til the sun comes out. Curl up on the sofa by the fire and let your rainy day blues go up in smoke. 

BrewDog Glasgow

2 user reviews 5

Brewdog is a fun rainy day bar in Glasgow. Well stocked with beer and board games, what more do you need to pass the time on a wet day? With a cracking position just across the road from Kelvingrove, you can watch the clouds clear in a pretty setting. Jovial staff, cracking banter, and some hearty eats too, this place is fully kitted out with every possible rainy day supply. 

The Butterfly and The Pig is a Bath Street bar that's all kinds of cosy on a wet day in Glasgow. The shabby chic surroundings offer the perfect solace from the storm with comfy couches and homely vibes. Add in some taste fare, chatty bar staff, and of course cake from the tearoom next door, and you have yourself the makings of a heavenly afternoon. 

Hillhead Bookclub

9 user reviews 4

If you're looking for shelter from the storm, make a bee-line for the Hillhead Bookclub. This rainy day bar in Glasgow has got everything you need to survive the storm, whether it's a quick shower, or a day long downpour. With potent cocktails, hearty grub, cool tunes and lavish surroundings, it's one jaunty haunt to flake out in for the afternoon, add in a bit of ping pong and retro computer games, and you have yourself some serious, rainy day respite.

The Flying Duck

2 user reviews 5

"A day for the ducks" takes on a whole new meaning as you dive out of a rainy day completely by spending it in the secret bar seclusion on The Flying Duck. This windowless basement bar is the perfect place to ride out the storm with plenty of provisions to see you through. Board games, fun vibes, and most importantly, free toast.