The Bar & Fly Barflies Rejoice As Their Old Haunt Re-Opens.
260 Clyde Street, Glasgow, G1 4JH
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What they say:

It's back... the long awaited return of one of Glasgow's most loved venues. On the site of the legendary Barfly, The Bar & Fly will fill the bar-shaped hole left behind when the former venue closed in 2009. The new Clydeside venue will remain mostly unchanged, as will its penchant for great club nights and incredible live music. With some exciting stuff in the pipeline, this is set to be one of the most coveted bar openings in Glasgow this year. 

What we say:

Glasgow is excited. Like mega excited, as The Bar & Fly reopens (with a new owner, under a slightly new name) to restore the place of one of the city's most acclaimed venues. Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines both played here back in the day, and with cool graffiti decor (by local artist Rogue-One) and NYC dive bar vibes, we can't frickin' wait to see what's ahead for this iconic Clyde Street music venue.