New bar spy - Proud Mary

Glasgow gets its first ever ping pong bar with new venue, Proud Mary.

Proud Mary

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What they say:


Whether you're looking for cheeky pint and a game of ping pong after work on a Tuesday evening, a family lunch in a beer garden on a Sunday afternoon, or a shamelessly messy night that leads into the early hours of a Saturday morning - Proud Mary can accommodate all. This all-in-one venue goes the whole nine yards to make sure that Glaswegians are proud to call this one their own. 

What we say:

The team behind Proud Mary want the venue to become the hub of the community - welcoming everyone in with open arms. They're big on the idea of supporting locals, so everything here is locally-sourced and designed. Naturally, with all of the thought and hard work that they've put into this versatile venue, they're extremely proud of it (no pun intended). And so they should be - Proud Mary is the first ever ping pong bar in Glasgow, and on top of that, they promise that every club event will always be completely free!