Best Bars For Non-Drinkers In Glasgow

If you don't drink, we feel for you; sometimes it just feels like it's all about the booze. But in actuality, our city is chock-full of places where you can have some teetotal, after-hours fun. Whether you're a good sport who likes a little evening activity or are on the hunt for a seriously delicious mocktail, check out our guide to Glasgow's bars for non-drinkers.

Last updated on 29th December 2022

The Golf Lounge

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Who needs to get your drink on when you can get your game on instead? The Golf Lounge is the perfect bar for an evening of booze-free fun. Play one of over 40 simulated courses from across the world and work on your handicap instead of your hangover.

Super Bario

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Super Bario was the city's first arcade bar, offering teetotal revellers bucketloads of retro fun. Head over to play vintage consoles and old school games with a freshly brewed coffee or American soda to hand. The best place for an alcohol-free date night? You betcha.