New bar spy - Rockus

New Glasgow Bar is Ready to Rock Us


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Now Open

What they say:

Rockus is the newest addition to the West End bar circuit. Glasgow's West End has been crying out for a rock bar for a long time now, and Rockus has filled that gap. Now open in the Finnieston area, bring your mates over for a fun and laid-back night of drinking and plenty of rock music. Look out for the brand new jukebox too, which will be full of the best rock tunes in town - no commercial pop here!

What we say:

We like the name Rockus - although we're not sure if it's a play on the word "ruckus" or if it means they want to, well, rock us. Either way, it works. We think this cool new rock bar in Glasgow will be a favourite of students and twenty-somethings who are looking for something a bit different to the usual Glasgow late night bars. Open seven days a week, Rockus offers great music, reasonably priced drinks and did we mention they have a pinball machine (and a jukebox!)? This is definitely one to check out.