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Thackeray revitalises old pub with contemporary look and Welsh-focused menu


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What they say:

Revitalising former pub Sir Henry Morgan, Thackeray is a new high-quality restaurant serving up British dishes with locally-supplied Welsh ingredients. The interiors are stripped back, with minimalist furnishings and white-washed walls occasionally adorned with inspirational quotes. Its split between the main restaurant area, an outside space and a bar, where they serve up a variety of cocktails, prosecco and beers. 

What we say:

It’s always a sad day when a pub has to shut down, especially one that’s been a part of the city for as long as the Sir Henry Morgan. Luckily, the Thackeray plans to deliver something special, with a menu packed full of tasty British treats created using the finest locally-sourced ingredients. Their menu is populated with dishes like braised Welsh lamb with potato and leek rosti and seared duck breast on a bed of black pudding. They also serve a variety of steaks hand-selected by trusted local butchers and cooked to order – including some mouth-watering chateaubriand.