New bar spy - Handsome Jacks

Mischievous drinking den Handsome Jacks is bringing unconventional cocktails to Cardiff

Handsome Jacks

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February-March 2017

What they say:

Handsome Jacks is a new cocktail bar and drinking den in Cardiff. Replacing former landmark Ladybird, the venue hopes to be a ‘mischievous drinking den for rogues, rascals, rebels and rapscallions.’ Hopefully, this playfulness will be reflected in its interiors, as it certainly is within their approach to drinks. They promise to be packed full of gin and their bar staff will be on hand to mix up a number of creative and unconventional cocktails.

What we say:

Handsome Jacks has nightlife anti-hero written all over it – from their risky yet exciting approach to creating new cocktails to their emphasis on strong but excellent liquors. They even take their name from the anti-hero/villain from video game Borderlands 2, so you know they are committed to the theme. However, that doesn’t mean they’re rough around the edges: the bar staff will be made of expert mixologists, and they’ll be providing table service, for that bit of high-end flair. And if you needed more of an excuse to visit this wretched hive of scum and villainy, they also offer a great Happy Hour.