Bristol's Brewhouse & Kitchen Is Serving Up 100% Vegan Craft Beer

Last updated . By Georgia Evans.

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Having a go at Veganuary? You'd be hopping mad not to try this. 

After recently being named the world’s most vegan city, it seems Bristol’s cafes, pubs and restaurants continue to serve more plant-based goodies every day. Now, Brewhouse & Kitchen on Cotham Hill has become the first in the city to completely veganise its beer.

Contrary to popular belief, many beers are not safe for veggies, as they get made with isinglass, a product made from fish, during the filtering process. However, the minds behind the brewpub have been experimenting away and achieved a new way of creating vegan-friendly craft draughts. They’ve currently been rolled out alongside the Veganuary specials, allowing everyone to have a taste of the plant-based lifestyle.

Brewhouse & Kitchen is located on 31-35 Cotham Hill, Clifton, BS6 6JY. It’s open 11am-11pm Monday- Saturday, and 12pm - 10:30pm on Sundays.