Bottomless Pizza & Social Darts: We Visited Bristol's Quirkiest Activity Bar

Having been notoriously known as the person who can’t aim, throw (or catch, for that matter), I was personally interested in the damage I could cause if I were to play darts - so the opportunity to visit Flight Club in Bristol was one I wasn’t going to miss. Famed for their unique and stylish bars across the UK, including in London, Cardiff and beyond, the pioneers of social darts aren't traditional in any sense of the word. In fact, they offer an innovative spin that will surely leave you wanting more.

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We enjoyed everything out our Flight Club Bristol booking - from the interiors to the games.

Their fairground-themed interior instantly teleports you to a high-end circus from centuries ago. This vintage ambience was amplified even more by the wall decorations; there wasn’t a single section not covered with old clocks straight, antique dolls and darts memorabilia, which went hand in hand with the rustic red wallpaper. And just when you think this has to be it, you’re greeted by a golden carousel, and that’s when you feel like you’re in The Greatest Showman. Except instead of dancing around with Hugh Jackman, there’s a bunch of loud, middle-aged men around you because you know, it’s a darts place after all.

As we went for the Flight Club favourite - their Brunch Social package - our two-hour booking was divided into an hour of games in a private oche and the remaining hour at a table by the bar. For £30 per person, we were treated to bottomless pizzas and a bottle of prosecco each. I was a bit sceptical about the free-flowing slices (I felt it could have easily been a money trap), but became pleasantly surprised when our waiter kept showing up with a new plate the second they realised we were almost done. 

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You can't deny that this unique darts bar has got style.

We had their chargrilled vegetable pizza with indulgent bocconcini and a delightful nut-free pesto that really sealed the deal. Between mouthfuls of this, we delved into the spinach and ricotta pizza, elevated by roasted mushrooms. As delicious as it tasted, I have to admit it was a little heavy and, as we were eating and throwing darts simultaneously, it didn't sit that well in our stomachs.

Plus, if you're feeling a bit impatient, you’ll be happy to know there's a button that, once pressed, will see a server come take your order almost instantly. That brings me to the tech-savvy side of Flight Club that specifically shines through their social darts, A.K.A. the highlight of the night. In our private oche, we had a very user-friendly screen to choose our games from.

We helped ourselves to scrumptious bottomless pizzas from Flight Club Bristol's menu.

The first game we played was Demolition, their classic darts game. This eased us into the competitive spirit of what was yet to come. We continued exploring with Snake and Ladders, which I would’ve loved a lot more if I wasn’t yanked all the way back to the first tile at the very last minute. As our one-hour slot came to a close, we ended the session with Donkey Derby, where you can either hit your donkey’s number to race over the finish line or your opponent’s number to sabotage them.

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Overall, Flight Club’s reimagining of darts is one that’s almost impossible not to enjoy, whether you’re a fan of the game or not. As long as you prepare yourself for some (really) loud music and an even louder atmosphere, you’re guaranteed to have a very memorable experience - literally, as they email you all the photos and videos you took while there. I have to say, our time in the oche flew by (no pun intended) and I'll definitely be returning when I'm in need of some more high-octane action.

  💰 The damage: £60 for two plus service charge.

  📍  The location: 41 Corn Street, BS1 1HT

  👌 Perfect for: Unique nights out with pals, birthdays, stags and hen dos.

 ⭐ Need to know: Make sure to take lots of photos and videos using the high-tech screens.


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